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Horoscoop van Bill Clinton

19 augustus 1946 Hope (Arkansas) 03.44 of 08.51 of 07.30 CST

Positie gecorrigeerde Zwarte Maan is 20.30 Boogschutter, retrograde

Horoscoop Bill Clinton. Van deze horoscoop zijn verschillende versie's in omloop. Ik laat ze alle drie zien.

Horoscoop Bill Clinton, Jpg



Horoscoop nummer twee Bill Clinton, Jpg


Horoscoop nummer drie Bill Clinton, Jpg

Zie ook het onderstaande citaat uit een artikel over Clinton's geboortetijd.

Klik hier voor het artikel over Bill Clinton zijn geboortetijd

Bill Clinton's Birth Time

A few publicly-posted messages about
Bill Clinton's birth time, and related topics:

From: Ben Mabry <>
Message-ID: <>
Date: 31 Jan 1998 00:00:00 UTC

The October/November, 1996, issue of the magazine _The Mountain
Astrologer_, in its monthly column "The Vedic Connection," printed the
article "Which Chart for Bill Clinton?" by Edith Hathaway
[ehjyotish"at"aol"dot"com, (505) 989-8465, P.O. Box 9609, Santa Fe, NM
87504]. Excerpts of that article, which I quote with her express
permission, follow here:

> In Lois Rodden's data base on Bill Clinton, a 3:44 a.m. birth time
> was prevalent until until late fall 1992, when Clinton's mother,
> Virginia Clinton Kelley, and others started speaking of 8:51 a.m. CST.
> Mrs. Kelley gave this time personally over the phone to astrologer Rob
> Hand, and sent a handwritten note to Lois Rodden verifying this data.
> A photo of Bill Clinton's birth certificate, showing a 3:44 a.m.
> birth time, was seen by a number of people, including astrologers.
> was contained in a Bill Clinton biography in the Arkansas State Library.
> Unfortunately, no one made note of the title, and by the fall of 1992,
> when hundreds of astrologers called to verify the data, such a book was
> not to be found. It is interesting to note that the 3:44 a.m. time was
> being reported right through the spring of 1992, when it was not yet
> clear the Clinton candidacy was strong enough to beat the incumbent,
> President Bush. (Clinton declared his presidential candidacy October 3,
> 1991.) Could it be that the Clinton camp got wind of the astrological
> interest and fabricated a time that appeared better than the original?

En een stukje verderop

< the beginning of the letter: >
> Edith [Edith Custer, the editor of _Mercury Hour_], I've been
> meaning to write for a couple of years now about Clinton's birth time.
> Ann Requa's letter (85/X/4) has finally prompted me to get with it.
> In January, 1992, when Clinton started his campaign, I asked my
> mother, who lives in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, to see if she could get his
> birth data. She is, by the way, a double Virgo, and a retired
> accountant, and never forgets numbers or birth dates.
> A few days later she called me with this information: Born August
> 9, 1946, 3:44 A.M. CST, Hope, Arkansas. I asked her how she got this so
> quickly and she said she had gotten her friend at the library to find it
> for her. There was a book there with his Birth Certificate in it, and
> the time was on it.

Van de volgende site geciteerd:

Geciteerd vanaf deze site

Early Years

Clinton was born William Jefferson Blythe in Hope, Arkansas, on August 19, 1946. He was named for his father, William Jefferson Blythe, who had been killed in an automobile accident three months before Bill's birth. At the age of 2, he was sent to live with his grandparents, who also resided in Hope, while his mother, Virginia Blythe, studied nursing in New Orleans. When he was 4, his mother married Roger Clinton, a car salesman, and they moved together as a family to Hot Springs, Arkansas. The boy later took his stepfather's last name.

Young Bill attended school in Little Rock. He was an honors student, played the saxophone, and was popular with his classmates. But life at home was not always pleasant. The elder Clinton was an alcoholic, and when he had too much to drink, he could be abusive. One day, when Bill was about 14, he stood up to his stepfather. Although his stepfather kept drinking, the abuse stopped. As Bill grew older, he came to understand his stepfather's problem and so was able to forgive him before he died.

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