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Horoscoop van Liz Greene

4 september 1946 Englewood USA 13.00 EDT

Positie gecorrigeerde Zwarte Maan is 14.58 Boogschutter, ongeveer


Voor het laatst bijgewerkt 11 februari 2007


Horoscoop Liz Greene, beweert een PhD te hebben.



Horoscoop Liz Greene, beweert een PhD te hebben, Draak op de Midhemel??






Liz Greene beweert een doctoraal te bezitten, een Ph.D. Ze heeft de Draak op het M.C.

In onderstaande tabel een stukje van een site die wellicht uw wenkbrouwen doen fronsen.

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As readers may know, I've been curious for some time about Liz Greene's Ph.D. Some new information has come to light: Liz Greene was born Elizabeth Leigh, in September, 1946, in New Jersey. After high school she attended a school in Boston. I do not know which school, nor if she graduated. While in Boston, she briefly studied astrology with Isabel Hickey, dropping out after two classes (The Mountain Astrologer, interview with Nick Campion, Feb/Mar 2002). Hickey exposed her to Theosophy, which Greene didn't like. Didn't much care for Hickey, either, or so I hear. All of this is well-known.

In June, 2005, when I was stuck trying to find an author's whereabouts, I noticed a reference to Debbi Kempton-Smith on his website. So I dug out her number & phoned. To my surprise, Debbi Kempton-Smith and Liz Greene knew each other years ago, before either had made their marks in astrology.

Dan volgt er een heel stuk tekst. Het einde van deze pagina is hieronder weergegeven.

The California Board of Psychology

has a searchable data base of all psychologists and psychological assistants in the state of California, going back at least 50 years. I cannot find a proper Leigh or Greene among them.

It would appear that, despite her statements to the contrary, Liz Greene was never licensed to practice Psychology in the state of California.

Disinterested readers may begin to wonder if Liz Greene really has a Ph.D. I've been wondering that for some time myself.

David R. Roell

July 16, 2005

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Van: David R. Roell []
Verzonden: zaterdag 10 februari 2007 22:40
Aan: wout
Onderwerp: Re:

Hello Wout,

        Thanks for your note.  What you've used looks fine.  You have my blessings & permission.


At 03:18 PM 2/10/2007, you wrote:

Dear Dave,

Please have a look, about Liz Greene

I kept it pretty low profile I think.

Is this OK for you??

Kindest regards, Wout Hendrickx

David  R. Roell

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