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Horoscoop van Vladimir Poetin / Putin

7 oktober 1952 Leningrad 09.30 R3T

Positie gecorrigeerde Zwarte Maan is 3.23 Maagd, direct, langzamer naar retrograde op 19 oktober


Horoscoop Vladimir Poetin / Putin

Horoscoop Vladimir Putin, Jpg

De Zwarte Maan en Pluto staan op de verhogingsgraad van Persephone!



Horoscoop Vladimir Poetin

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Ikzelf vind het een goed stuk en zodoende komt ook eens iemand anders aan het woord.






19 May 2006


Douglas Parker has been a professional astrologer for over 25 years.

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This article covers astrology work I have done on Vladimir Putin's Horoscope. I have done a great deal of work, see below, to verify his birth time (called rectification), which I believe to be 9:28 am. Then I did a comprehensive reading of his horoscope. Finally I have done predictions for Putin from 2006 to 2008.

Birth Details

Vladimir Putin was born in Leningrad, now called St Petersburg, Russia on 7 October 1952. In Lois Rodden’s Astrodatabank, Putin’s birth time is quoted as 9:30 am with the data coming from a Stef de Groot. De Groot claims the time came “from a medical report {on his mother} made right after birth”. He claims he got a copy “from a friend, who is doctor in St Petersburg”.

I have been a professional astrologer for over 25 years. It is amazing how often a client has given me his birth time and claimed it to be correct, only some time later to tell me “I checked with my mother as you asked me, and now we have another time!” Experience makes me be skeptical of birth times of clients and others, until I have verified them myself.

I have rectified (verified) Putin’s birth time. The work can be found at the end of this article. I believe he was born very close to 9:30 am, probably 9:28 am.

Putin's Horoscope

This is a comprehensive analysis of Putin’s horoscope.

1. Pluto conjunct the Midheaven (career). This shows Putin’s: attaining recognition and power; being able to maintain his position in life; fame; authority; being an expert of great authority in his chosen field; his desire to become important; the power to attain success in life, the ability to organize, vision, authority.

2. Pluto opposite Node. This shows Putin’s destiny associated with large masses of people. i.e. leadership of Russia.

3. Saturn conjunct Neptune. This is called the “illness aspect” and is associated with cancer. (Putin’s mother died of cancer). Putin suffers from heavy depression. A friend in Putin’s youth, Sergei Raldugin, described him as being “completely incapable of expressing his emotions”. This aspect also shows Putin’s methodical execution of plans and gaining success through intense activity and painstaking effort.

4. Sun conjunct Saturn. This shows Putin: persistance, determination and decisiveness. A very serious and sick person. Possibly back trouble or trouble with his bones.

5. Sun, Saturn and Neptune stellium (grouped tightly together). This shows Putin’s health will seriously break down towards the end of his life. Though he is a martial arts expert, he cannot possibly maintain his vitality as President for a long period of time. He will break down emotionally. Like Winston Churchill, the WWII leader of Great Britain, “the black dog” (severe depression) haunts him.

When one looks at the great sadness and tragedies in the world at present-terrorism, Iraq, massacres and wars in Africa, the nuclear issue with Iran which may lead to war-it scares me that two manic depressives like Tony Blair (he also is a Saturn conjunct Neptune personality like Putin) and Vladimir Putin are calling the shots.

6. Jupiter square Pluto. An organizer handling large projects, professors of economy and law (he did law and economics!). The desire to exploit the masses (a plutocrat). The desire for power. Loss of social standing and one’s wealth.

7. Mercury conjunct Neptune. Imagination. Lack of clarity. Self deception. An actor. A deceitful person. A Liar. (Sounds like he has all the qualities of USA President George W Bush and Australian Prime Minister John Howard.)

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